How do you really start a page that’s supposed to tell the world about yourself without coming across as a callosal tit. The answer is you can’t.

Hi. My name is Baden Ronie and I live up in bonny Scotland where I was born and raised. I’ve been gaming for something like twenty years now over a variety of platforms. And then some years ago I decided that writing about games made sense. There wasn’t any magical eureka moment that I can remember. There was no flash of light followed by realisation smacking in the face. Nope, I just loved to read, loved videogames and somehow decided that writing about them made perfect sense. My early work, in a word, sucked. My current work sucks, too, but my initial work sucked more.

It’s now several years on and, to my everlasting amazement, people seem to like what I’m writing! I get Emails from kind folk telling me to keep it up, comments from others and plenty of lovely words from much large, and far better, gaming sites out there. I even get games sent to me from publishers so that I can write about them, and cool opportunities to check out other stuff like mice, keyboards, headsets and even computers! It’s mindboggling! So, all I can to all you people who read my work, send me mail and comment on my reviews, is thank you!

But, at the end of the day, even if just one person is reading it, I’ll be writing it, and if nobody is reading it, I’ll still be writing in my notebook. Why?Because I find writing about games to be cathartic, a way of dealing with Cystic Fibrosis and life in general. It doesn’t come naturally or easily to me. Indeed, I’m a slow writer, but I struggle through and hopefully manage to produce some reasonable work.

Outside of videogames I love to swim and play the drums. I own a white German Shepard, adore movies, read a lot of books and comics, play boardgames and have a darkly sarcastic sense of humour that doesn’t get brought out in my writing too much.

Hi, I’m a gamer, and I like to write about games.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, lets get down to what this site actually is.

You’ll  see reviews based on on PC games and Xbox One. Reviews are what you’ll mainly see as plenty of sites handle the news and have teams of writers to do just that. Occasionally, should I find it interesting enough, I will post up news. At the moment, the focus is on reviews. In the future I’d like to write some more opinion piece articles, because they’re always good fun, but it seems I might not be opinionated enough to make them popular.

The goal is to simply be honest about how I feel about any given game. Reviews are inherently subjective and thus while I will attempt to be fair and provide as good an overview as I can, ultimately you’ll be reading my opinion.

Integrity is key. It’s becoming increasingly hard to trust the videogame industry and the companies that cover it, as backdoor deals are common. I have nothing more than my word to offer you, but I will never take a bribe or paid advertising to cover a game. At most I’ll accept free review copies of games because I simply can not afford to buy a constant supply of titles to talk about. It’s just me writing this stuff, and hopefully over time you can come to trust me. Hopefully.

On top of videogames you’ll also find boardgame reviews on here, too, because boardgames have a lot on common with videogames. I hope to inspire at least a couple of you to go out and buy a few boardgames, get a few friends together and discover the medium’s unique magic.