Alan Wake 2’s minimum system requirements have been lowered – WGB


Here’s a nice little piece of news bound to defrost your icy heart: Remedy has officially lowered the system requirements for Alan Wake 2 on PC.

“We’ve been optimizing the PC version of Alan Wake 2, and as a result the minimum PC system requirements have been lowered.” said Remedy on X.

Previously on Alan Wake 2’s system requirements, the game needed at least an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 6600 to meet the minimum required specifications. That’s now been dropped to a GTX 1070 or an XT 5600. It’s not a massive drop, but for anyone running older cards, this could be the difference between buying the game or not.

And you should buy it. Alan Wake 2 is an excellent game that scooped up multiple awards last year. Sadly, like most Remedy games, it hasn’t been a huge commercial success. In fact, according to Remedy it hasn’t made back its marketing and development costs yet, despite being their fastest-selling game to date.

Like Control before it, however, Remedy seems confident that it will keep selling steadily.

Speaking of Control, Remedy spent some of its money to buy the franchise rights to Control from publisher 505 Games, an important move for the company since Alan Wake and Control are set in the same universe. Having the games split between companies could have gotten in the way of intertwining the games even further.

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