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The Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was meant to be the Chosen One. It was meant to destroy the Sith, not join them! It was to bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness. And yet according to gamers, that’s exactly what has happened.

Developed by Aspyr, the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection should have been easy money, collecting together the two excellent multiplayer shooters into a sleek, modern package. Instead, it’s been a disaster. The first problem is that on the day of launch, only 3 dedicated servers were available on the PC version, able to host a few hundred of the thousands that flocked to play. Players can host their own games, but people also reported that wasn’t working properly, either.

Other people also reported a variety of issues, including missing cutscenes. There are also reports of performance being locked to 30fps when playing online, audio bugs, being disconnected, shots failing to register, certain menus not working with a mouse and keyboard and more.

As a result of these issues, the game’s Steam rating is currently sitting at “overwhelmingly negative” based on over 4,000 user reviews. One review posted by user Soren simply links to the original Battlefront 2 which is still available on Steam.

The flood of feedback has been noticed by Aspyr which put out a statement addressing the issues.

“We’d like to thank the Battlefront community for their overwhelming support and feedback for the STAR WARS™  Battlefront Classic Collection release. 

“At launch, we experienced critical errors with our network infrastructure.  The result was incredibly high ping, matchmaking errors, crashes, and servers not appearing in the browser. 

“Since launch, we’ve been working to address these issues and increase network stability, and we will continue our efforts until our network infrastructure is stabilized to prevent further outages.”

I’ve been playing on PS5 personally and things have been a tad better over there, at least in terms of bugs. None of the cutscenes seem to be missing, for example. Multiplayer isn’t something I can comment on personally though, because I’ve stuck to the singleplayer stuff for now. All I can say is that the game itself is just as fun as always, but its clearly launched in a broken state, a state that seems to be become the norm these days.

The silver lining is that I do expect most of the issues to get slowly ironed out and for that Steam rating to gradually creep up toward positive. Still, if the Star Wars: Battlefront Collection is enticing to you, just hold off a little while until Aspyr have got their shit sorted out.

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