LA Noire developers may be working on a spiritual successor called Sowden House – WGB


Some of the people who worked on Rockstar’s LA Noire are creating what seems to be a spiritual sequel to the crime-thriller.

As spotted by a keen-eyed detective on the LA Noire subreddit, an Australian musician called Freyja Garbett posted on Instagram that she is working on a new videogame.

Both posts appear to now be removed, though I did manage to screenshot one of them. It seems that Freyja may have let slip more information that she was supposed to and had to remove the posts.

The clip is of a band playing some jazzy music that wouldn’t feel out of place in LA Noire.

“From the creators of LA Noire comes Sowden House, a psychological thriller also set in the 1940’s in LA that will have you questioning your sanity, ” Freyja Garbett writes. “This project has been HUGE and it is still unravelling and revealing itself to me. I never thought I’d be writing for video game but I’m grateful for the opportunity!”

The name references the real-life house which was the residence of Dr. George Hodel who his daughter accused of murdering Elizabeth Short, A.K.A. The Black Dahlia. Of course, the Black Dahlia featured heavily in LA Noire, which is why fans are speculating that this new game could be a spiritual successor. It seems unlikely that it’s a true sequel as Rockstar still own the rights to LA Noire and Team Bondi no longer exists.

LA Noire is an IP I’d love to see come back, but it doesn’t seem like Rockstar is interested in doing anything with it. If this is a spiritual successor of sorts done by people who worked on Noire then colour me excited!

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