Saber Interactive has removed all mentions of Embracer Group, indicating that is has been sold – WGB


Saber Interactive has removed any and all references to Embracer Group from its website, indicating that the reported sale has been completed.

Toward the end of February, news outlet Bloomberg reported that Saber Interactive, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, was to be sold to private investors for around $500m. Saber was bought by Embracer in 2020 for $525m, but Embracer is still trying to claw its way out of substantial debt and a failing business model that seemed to be based upon the idea of buying everything it saw.

Now, Lukas on X has spotted something that strongly hints to the report being accurate. According to them, Saber Interactive has removed all references to Embracer from its website, indicating that it is no longer owned by them. In the two images Lukas has provided, Saber has removed the section where it describes itself as “one of the key operative business units of Embracer Group.”

If this is true, then we can likely expect an official confirmation quite soon. Currently, nothing is known about who the private investors are.

Saber continues to be a busy company. It just released a new game in its Mudrunner series, and this year is set to publish Space Marine 2, Jurassic Park: Survival, Heading Out and John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando.

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