Sea of Thieves is the number 1 game on PlayStation 5’s pre-order chart – WGB


We live in crazy times my friends: Sea of Thieves, currently an Xbox console exclusive, is topping the PS5’s digital pre-order charts ahead of its release on April 30.

This was spotted by Benji-Sales who likes to focus on sales, data and social metrics. In a post on X he highlights that Sea of Thieves Premium Edition is currently the number 1 pre-ordered game on the PS5 in the United States, beating out titles like Dragon’s Dogma 2, Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection and Rise of the Ronin. The standard edition is sitting in the 5th spot.

Over here in the UK it’s doing even better. The Premium Edition is 1st place, while the Standard Edition is 4th. The Deluxe Edition is holding 10th place. That’s three versions of the same Xbox title in the top 10 most pre-ordered titles on PlayStation 5. Microsoft will surely be happy to see this as it helps support their decision to put four titles onto other platforms.

Hi-Fi Rush, one of the other titles making the jump to PlayStation, isn’t doing quite as well. Here in the UK, it’s 20th on the list of best-selling pre-orders which is a shame because it’s an excellent game.

Pentiment has already launched on PlayStation, but so far Microsoft has not commented on how well the former Xbox-exclusive title has done on Sony’s platform.

Grounded is the next Xbox exclusive to launch on PlayStation, alongside a Switch version. It’ll make its grand debut on April 16 but is not yet available to pre-order.

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