Sony finally address PlayStation Stars being offline, says it will be “returning soon” – WGB


Nearly one month after suddenly going offline, the PlayStation Stars reward scheme is coming back. We still don’t know what happened, though.

The PlayStation Stars system, which offers rewards for completing tasks and buying games, randomly went down nearly a month ago. What’s strange about this is that Sony didn’t actually address its disappearance The closest thing to an official comment that the community got came from a few Sony engineers on X/Twitter who replied to eager gamers asking them about the issue. Even the engineers haven’t stated what the problem is, however, and have offered contradictory information on whether customers Points totals will be intact and whether purchases made over the last month will be counted.

Some smart folk did manage to find a few ways to check if Stars was running in the background and seemingly confirmed that purchases and even campaigns were still be counted.

Which brings us to today. Sony has finally addressed the PS Stars outage in rather lowkey fashion, updating the official PS Stars page with the following message: “PlayStation Stars will be returning soon in phased regional rollouts. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you back.”

The phase rollout portion of the plan is odd, and to me suggests that they aren’t fully confident of having fixed the issue.

Following the update, users in Asia have reported that PS Stars has come back online for them. They haven’t noted any major changes to the system, but have commented that their purchases while Stars was offline seem to have been counted.

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