Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster physical edition will release two months after the digital version – WGB


Capcom showed off their recently announced Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster at today’s Capcom Next event and it looks terrific. Vastly improved graphics, smoother controls, autosaving – it all adds up to something closer to a remake than a remaster.

All this zombie-killing goodness will be released on September 19th for PS5, Xbox Series and PC with a price-tag of $50. However, that’s just the digital version.

Notably absent from the fancy-schmancy trailer was a physical edition. And that’s because for some reason it isn’t going to launch alongside the digital version in September, and will instead be made available sometime in November, approximately two months later. Pricing wasn’t mentioned, but I feel that the physical edition will only be available in some sort of special deluxe or collector’s version sported an inflated price-tag. Kind of like Remedy has done with Alan Wake 2 when they announced a physical deluxe edition for $79.99. It seems like this will be a trend moving forward, although I could be wrong.

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